What are the benefits of CloudFlare?

All of the websites hosted at Microsite are protected by a third-party service called CloudFlare. Cloudflare is used by millions of websites worldwide to improve their performance and speed as well as protect them from online threats including DDoS and hackers.

There are a number of technical ways CloudFlare reduces page load times and provides a better user experience. For a good non-technical overview of CloudFlare, we recommend this article.

For a more technical review, check out the founder's explanation here.

Of course, you can also visit the company's website.

Microsite maintains an enterprise-level relationship with CloudFlare and we're able to bring these benefits to all the sites we host.

We feel CloudFlare is such an essential part of our website hosting services, we require all website traffic to be routed through it. This means to host your website on a Microsite server, you will need to change your nameservers to ours on CloudFlare. For most companies, this isn't an issue and changing nameservers is a simple, quick process.