How To Write a Support Ticket for Quicker Results

1. Focus on the Details

Nothing will get your issue resolved more quickly than providing as much detail as possible the very first time you reach out with a support request. Don’t wait for your support rep to ask questions, give them the information up-front and you’ll get much better results. Here’s a list of things to consider when crafting your initial support ticket:

1. When exactly did you first notice the problem?

2. Did you or were you trying to update the software like plugins, i.e., did the software environment change?

3. What exactly were you doing or trying to do when the issue occurred?  

4. Can the issue be replicated on multiple computers, and/or multiple mobile devices?

5. Is your problem happening in one browser or all of them?

6. Do you see any specific error messages?


2. Communicate Clearly

Writing "URGENT!!! Need help now!! Site is BROKEN!!" is an understandable emotion to communicate but it doesn't explain anything or help us address the issue more quickly.

Provide specific information on what you are seeing, and what you think is not working as expected. What you expect to be seeing (if the price of a product is wrong, what price should you or the customer be seeing?)

The following information is always useful:

1. Browser version being used when the issue arose

2. Operating System (Windows, Mac)

- You can get the information for your browser version and operating system at

- Simply visiting the website will display the information you need regarding the computer and environment you are using. You can even email these details to the support team or include the detail in a support request directly from the website

6. The specific time and date the issue started happening

7. Always provide the web address/URL of the page with the error if possible


3. Follow Up

Ticket response times can vary depending on the time of day and the urgency of your request vs. others in the queue.

We strive to respond as soon as possible, at minimum within 24 hours.

If you’ve submitted a support ticket and haven’t heard a response in over 24 hours, chances are the team has an extremely high ticket volume. It is perfectly ok to reach out after 24 hours to check in with us Support to make sure you are in the queue.

And thank you for doing your due diligence in getting the issue resolved by following steps 1-2.