Not Receiving Website Form Notifications

"I'm not getting the email."

When a visitor to your website completes a form, a notification is sent to your email address. You should receive the notification within 1-10 minutes depending upon your email service provider.

If you haven't received it in your inbox, check your Spam folder. It's often there. Why? Because it's an email from an unknown sender and your email software has categorized it as Spam. Be sure to add the sender to your address box so it stops going to your Spam folder. 

What if it's not in your Spam folder?

There are a huge number of potential issues that can lead to your notifications not being received.

First on the list is corporate firewalls. If your email goes through your company's IT department, chances are, their email firewall has blocked it. Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do at this point without working with your IT department. 

Second, some email providers impose strict email rules that delay or block emails completely. AOL and Yahoo often pose problems.

Best Solution: Use a Gmail account

Gmail or Google Apps typical never pose problems and offer a nice workaround to corporate email issues. Consider setting up a Gmail account to either forward email to your corporate account or just as a permanent, quick solution.