Why do old images and text show when I share pages with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn?

Some social media platforms automatically display text and images from your site when you share links. This content gives followers a preview of what they can expect to find on your site. Clicking the preview leads to the linked page.

What displays depends on the type of content you’re sharing, the social network you’re using, and how you shared the link. While there are ways to influence the content, the social network ultimately controls what appears in the post, not you or the host provider/us.

You can have some control with social media plugins that have been or can be added to your website -- an example is Yoast, which is a WordPress plugin. If this has not been added to your site, you can request we add it. 

There is another challenge when trying to control the content. Social media properties, like Facebook, retain old images in their databases and don't continuously refresh them. There are ways you can try to force for example Facebook to refresh its metadata, which is explained here: